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Dragon Flannel Pet Blanket (27X39in)

Dragon Flannel Pet Blanket (27X39in)

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【Design】Experience the pinnacle of pet comfort with our Customizable Flannel Pet Blanket. This versatile blanket can be ordered one by one and personalized with a variety of patterns, ensuring a warm and uniquely tailored haven for your beloved pet.

【Material】Crafted from gentle flannel material, this blanket offers a cloud-like softness for your pet's fur. It's not just about comfort; it's about promoting better sleep and relaxation. The blanket ensures that your pet remains snug and content.

【Performance】Our Customizable Flannel Pet Blanket is more than just a blanket; it's a sanctuary of warmth and individuality. Crafted from premium flannel material, it offers a soft, plush surface that invites your pet to relax and snuggle up. Whether it's a brief nap or a serene night's sleep, this blanket is where comfort and personalization merge.

【Scenes】Select from three convenient sizes to perfectly suit your pet's needs:

  • 15X23 inches
  • 19X27 inches
  • 27X39 inches Opt for the size that provides the ideal coverage and comfort for your furry friend.

【Structure】This blanket isn't confined to your pet's bed; it's perfect for draping over furniture, car seats, or even as a snug spot for your pet's crate. Wherever your pet goes, comfort follows.

【Special Note】Accurate Sizing - Please note that measurements may vary slightly (within 1-3cm) due to different measurement methods, which is a normal occurrence.

Reminder: The picture display effect is for reference only, and the final effect is subject to the actual product!Due to objective factors such as production batches and machinery and equipment, it is difficult to avoid or there will be slight color difference, position and size errors. If the above problems are encountered, they are normal phenomena and will not be included in the scope of after-sales processing

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